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J. P.

I was constantly catching colds and feeling fatigued. I had to take naps to get through the day. I also had hot flashes. Now, I no longer have to take naps as my endurance has increased. I haven’t gotten sick with a cold and I experience less hot flashes.

S. B.

After just two treatments, I have lost 3 lbs. and my body fat percentage is down one and a half percent. I have less “dimpling” in my abdomen and it is visibly more toned. …and I had a tremendous surge of clean, long lasting energy right after the treatment.

S. M.

I have had irritable bowel syndrome for twenty five years. I have been to doctors had surgeries, taken medications for this condition and nothing has ever helped me. All that time I felt desperate. Since I have started this program after just four weeks I have seen positive results in my day to day life. I have gone from constant very loose emergency stools to normal stools.I feel more energized, and a great sense of well-being. I have great hope for the future that my irritable bowel will be gone forever! This is truly something that I wish I had found 25 years ago! Thank you Jenya for saving my life!

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