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Jenya Hampton

My personal health journey started at the age of 12 when I experienced my first debilitating migraine.

By the age of 35, and a single working mom of twin sons, I was unable to perform my job well or spend time with my children. My migraines were coming twice a week and lasting up to 3 days. Most days you could find me curled up in a ball, in a dark and quiet room… My young sons did not have a functioning mom most of the time.

By this point I had seen countless doctors, practitioners, and specialists. I had gone through MRIs, CAT scans, neurological tests. At my lowest point, my doctor concluded there was no obvious physical reason for my migraines, he could not help and that I should see a psychiatrist.

I was feeling pretty hopeless when my primary physician enrolled me in a pharmaceutical migraine study. I found my miracle! The experimental drug eliminated my migraine within 15 minutes!! But at the end of the study, when all I wanted to know was how soon would the drug be available for purchase, all my hopes were dashed. I was informed that the drug would not be released because the number one side effect was a brain aneurysm. At that moment, I could only think, if given the opportunity, would I live the rest of my life with these migraines or would I risk a brain aneurysm… I wanted the drug. Since that was no longer an option, I knew that something had to change.

I know God was listening, because the very next day I was invited to a health fair and met a Naturopathic doctor. She offered to do this really weird test and had me hold out my arm and she pushed it downward while simultaneously pressing on different organs. When she was done, she said the migraines were coming from severe mercury poisoning. And I though…Quack. She proceeded to ask me questions that no-one else ever asked.

When did you get your first amalgam filling? 12
Did you come from an Eastern European country? Yes
Finally she asked, What do you have to lose?

After two months, my migraines had subsided to about one per month. After 6 month they never returned.

Soon after, I left my job and went back to school, to become an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, and that’s WHAT I DO NOW.

In the health field most physicians are focusing on the symptoms. What really needs to be discovered is the root cause of those symptoms. If you don’t address the underlying issues you are never going to get better. Whatever you are struggling with, will keep coming up … in one way or another.

Nutrition Response Testing is firmly rooted in biochemistry, physiology and physics, and is a non-invasive way of assessing the body to determine the root cause of symptoms that are causing non-optimum health. With this method, we can help identify food sensitivities, immune system challenges, metal and chemical toxicity, and even mold and other environmental toxin exposure. If you're sick and tired of not feeling well, you’ve come to the right place. There is hope. We can help.

Maybe like me, you are a mom who just wants to have the energy and be pain free to spend quality time with your children again. Or maybe you have been on medication for a long time and still dealing with the original reason you started on the medication. Or maybe you just don’t want another doctor telling you that the tests are fine but you still don’t feel good, maybe, you’re just tired of missing out on life!

All migraines have a root cause and I’d love to have a conversation with you, and explore your story.

I want to offer you a FREE breakthrough health phone conversation.

In my Free breakthrough to health phone session, I will help you to start connecting the dots so you can get your life back!


Suzanne Lankford

I have a passion for natural medicine. Noticing my own health declining at 16. Having many biopsies for Lupus, Cancer and a series of other autoimmune disorders. I frequently visited the ER. I had a few surgeries and the last being my gallbladder removed at 19. I had to go to a series of different specialists in numerous fields trying to find the answer to why I felt sick all the time. A few years later, I was 20 years old and told it was all downhill from there. I was frustrated, full of grief and felt helpless.

Then, with the push from my parents, I started to seek natural medicine and it has changed my life forever. I now feel like a normal person again, I truly believe and am excited that every day I will feel better and experience more healing.

I changed career paths and am passionate to help others experience this. There is healing, and there is hope. I have to share it. I am now studying Integrative Medicine (BS) at Arizona State University. I will then transfer to achieve my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine with a Masters of Nutrition. I will also become an advanced trained practitioner through Ulan.

I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family and going to the gym with my friends.I love cooking with my Mom during the holidays. I love reading science textbooks, as Science is my passion and favorite subject. I am happy anywhere near a body of water.

My favorite food would be papaya salad or pupusas.

Reclaim the healthy and pain-free life you deserve!

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