I had steadily gained weight over the past 10-15 years. I was tired upon waking, and my energy level would drop by mid-afternoon. I had knee pain and patches of eczema on my face. Since starting (and sticking with) the program, I’ve been, steadily losing weight and have more energy through out the day. The knee pain has all but gone away and skin issues appear to be clearing up.

John O.

I thought that I might have a brain tumor based on chronic headaches and overall lack of well-being. Physically tired too often during the day and irritable. I feel older than my age and dull to the senses. Now, I have been totally free from headaches, much more energetic, and happy. My body feels less bloated, my skin is visually better and I have an optimistic out look on my health. My sex drive has improved and I feel overall better in my clothes.