Brainspan Assessment

Practitioners use Brainspan to measure blood lab and cognitive function of their patients.

Essential Fatty Acids – Our blood spot test measures the Omega-3 Index, Trans Fat Index, Omega 3:6 Ratio, and AA:EPA Ratio.

7 Different Indicies – Objective and subjective results are visualized within specific indices to provide benchmarks for improvement.

Percentile Scoring – Our validated algorithms score against a large database of age-specific findings so you can see how well you are doing based on your peers.


Individualized Results

BrainSpan is one of the very few fatty acid tests that correlates 98% to whole blood RBC testing done with the same lab where over 200 studies have validated the method and stability of our results.

Blood Spot Test

Specially treated, proprietary blood-spot cards ensure fatty acids are stable for 30 days and do not require patient fasting like most other labs.

Cognitive Function Test

After you register your kit, you will receive an email invitation to complete a 30-minute cognitive test. It can be completed by phone, tablet, or computer and will provide insights into your brain function.

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